FlexSteel has built its reputation and success on a commitment to safety, quality and excellence in all we do. These core values are at the heart of who we are. We place health, safety and environmental protection above all else. We deliver uncompromising quality founded on the shared conviction that failure is not an option.


Health & Safety

We view compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements as just the starting point for protecting health and safety in our business operations. As our single most important value, our commitment to continuously improve health and safety is reflected in the following business principles:

  • Workforce involvement and buy-in
  • Diligent risk management
  • Thorough incident investigations
  • Effective corrective actions
  • Open communications
  • Effective training
  • Proactive inspections and audits
  • Appropriate engineering controls


Recognizing environmental protection as absolutely vital to the future of our employees, our customers and our world, we strive to eliminate or minimize the impact of our operations. We are committed to strict compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements and to the continuous improvement of our environmental management practices. Our singular focus on causing no harm is instilled in our employees and achieved through effective planning, proactive work practices, thorough inspections and audits, and proven hazard controls.


Employees of FlexSteel share a personal commitment to understanding and exceeding customer expectations. We apply the sum total of our experience and utilize continuous improvement processes to deliver quality products and services that meet or exceed industry standards at a competitive cost. We go beyond compliance with our legal, regulatory and contractual obligations, reviewing our quality objectives and effectiveness on a quarterly basis and constantly seeking to improve our Quality Management System. Our commitment to quality is evidenced by the following certifications:

  • ISO-9001:2008- Quality System Management certification
  • ICONTEC – Latin and South American quality certification