Success Story

FlexSteel Enables Cinco Resources to Rehabilitate Aging Pipelines in Environmentally Sensitive Area

Able to restore original operating pressure with minimal environmental impact and at a fraction of new construction cost, FlexSteel is the single-best solution for the rehabilitation of aging steel pipelines – because liners just won’t cut it

The Challenge

With three aging and/or decommissioned lines running beneath the protected waters of the Corpus Christi, Texas Ship Channel, Cinco Resources needed an economic pipeline rehabilitation solution that would meet the strict standards of state and federal regulatory agencies. To avoid the time and expense of abandonment, re-routing and new pipeline construction a substantial distance away, the company needed to complete a single pull of 9,500 feet through a 12 inch steel pipeline running beneath the ship channel. The 12 inch pipeline, to be rehabilitated using six-inch FlexSteel, coupled with an additional 14,000 feet of FlexSteel onshore, would connect the well to a tank farm more than four miles away. Six-inch steel pipeline totaling 7,000 feet would be rehabilitated with three-inch FlexSteel. As in all pipeline rehabilitations, unknown factors about conditions and obstructions inside the carrier pipe posed a major potential complication that could jeopardize the project. In addition, this project needed special permits and would be completed under the watchful eye of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC).

The Solution

Working miles apart at the two ends of the pull, Cinco Resources’ installation group, Derrick Construction, and FlexSteel’s rehabilitation and field services specialists teamed up to successfully complete a landmark project.  The following results were achieved: • The only solution that could rehabilitate pipeline in this environmentally sensitive area • Significant time and cost savings compared to abandonment, re-routing and new construction • USDOT and the RRC granted a special permit for Class 2 gas gathering • Successful single pull of 9,500 feet, with midline connections completed on barge or on land • Total of 23,500 feet of six-inch FlexSteel pulled through 12 inch steel pipe.