Success Story

FlexSteel’s Corrosion Resistant Pipe Replaces Corroded Steel Line Pipe on the Bottom of the Ocean Floor

FlexSteel's installation was executed 10X faster than traditional steel line pipe and with far less manpower

The Challenge

Two corroding saltwater disposal steel pipelines lay on the bottom of the ocean floor in a shallow water environment close to marsh vegetation. An exploration and production company of natural gas and crude oil has been spending money annually on corrosion inhibitors just to maintain the corroding pipelines. Not to mention, the corroded steel lines were coated both on the ID and OD which was intended to delay the inevitable corrosion. A double coated pipeline such as this is not vastly available in their market. Where there is corrosion – there is the possibility of failure, and this E&P company needed to quickly replace the steel lines with minimal disruption to overall production as their current installed steel lines were deemed unfit for use. The ailing steel pipelines were only in operation for 4 years before corroding to the point of needing to be replaced.

The Solution

The company was seeking a readily available pipeline that would not easily corrode due to produced salt water. They recognized the benefits of FlexSteel pipe and the long term solution it could bring with a corrosion resistant, flexible pipe that is also quick and easy to install. The durability of FlexSteel’s helically wound steel core would provide the peace of mind they needed for a long lasting, pipeline that would not weaken in the presence of water and that would offer corrosion resistant performance. The FlexSteel solution would also eliminate the annual cost the operator was incurring for corrosion inhibitors, as they’d no longer be needed for FlexSteel’s unique, anti-corrosive design.

The Results

FlexSteel installed more than 4,000 feet of pipe in just one day with only three people hands-on for the installation (a barge driver, barge hand and one FlexSteel technician.) For the second line, also installed within a day, close to 2,000 feet of pipe was installed with minimal crew. The overall installation to replace the two, corroded steel pipelines was executed 10x faster (approximately 20 days would be required to install two, new steel pipelines) with significantly less manpower, allowing the E&P company to bring their production back up faster than other pipeline solutions. The company also saved money by not needing to purchase anchor weights to sink the pipe to the ocean floor. FlexSteel’s negatively buoyant, shallow water product does not require additional weighting for installation. The success of this project has potential to lead to the replacement of an additional 150 remaining steel pipelines that the company anticipates corroding and becoming unfit for use in the next few years.