Success Story

FlexSteel Partners with Major Oil and Gas Producer to Install more than 130,000 Feet of Pipe in Just 30 Days; Restoring Production of 42 Wells

FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies provides the ultimate solution to replace large quantities of corroded steel line pipe in a shallow water area less than 100 meters deep

The Challenge

A major oil and gas producer faced an extreme challenge when discovering that its underwater steel pipelines had begun to deteriorate and fail due to external corrosion caused by the presence of water. This particular shallow water area contains numerous oil production platforms that have been present for close to a century. These corroded steel pipelines have caused unnecessary environmental damage and have radically decreased overall production for the company. With control of over 90% of the regional rig activity and heavy reliance of in country production, it was vital to quickly restore operations.

The Solution

Since the company partnered with FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies, they were able to bring resolution to the submerged corroded pipelines. FlexSteel’s revolutionary spooled pipe solution; with a durable polyethylene outer shield which protects from external corrosion, can be installed more quickly than traditional steel line pipe. FlexSteel’s unrivaled pipeline design is steel reinforced, negatively buoyant, will not weaken in the presence of water, and is anti-corrosive. FlexSteel’s unique structural integrity offers a tough and environmentally friendly pipeline that will ensure the company’s wells will continue to produce for many years to come.

The Results

Working together, this company and FlexSteel implemented a unique solution to the underwater corroded pipeline problem present in the area. FlexSteel’s technology provided a superior pipeline that was deployed quickly and addressed the corrosion concerns. As a result of the company’s decision to utilize FlexSteel, the following milestones were achieved: • FlexSteel pipe has helped the company dramatically increase installation rates while saving time and money. • More feet of FlexSteel pipe was installed in the first 15 days of the project with one boat, than all 17 pipe installation boats the company used to install traditional steel line pipe in one month’s time. • 40km of FlexSteel pipe was installed in less than a month, resulting in the restoration of 42 production wells. • FlexSteel has helped the company increase production of over 6,000 Bpd and almost 7,000 mmcfd of gas.