FlexSteel Pipe Grpahic

FlexSteel Saves Time and Money

FlexSteel is ideal for a wide variety of onshore and shallow water applications including oil and gas production, water and injection flow lines.

Suitable for a variety of installation methods – trenching, plowing, surface, pipe rehabilitation, horizontal directional drilling, shallow water and more – FlexSteel reduces right of way requirements and minimizes environmental impact. Installation is fast and easy, with no welding, coatings or x-ray needed.

With far less equipment and personnel required, installation of FlexSteel is 40% to 80% faster and 35% to 65% less costly than jointed steel. Because it has superior corrosion resistance and enhanced flow characteristics, FlexSteel also delivers operations and maintenance savings for superior value across the project life cycle. Maintenance costs are lower because of FlexSteel’s superior external corrosion resistance, and there is no need for costly chemical corrosion inhibition or monitoring programs.


FlexSteel is a revolutionary spooled pipe technology developed from more than 30 years of experience in demanding offshore environments. It uniquely combines the corrosion resistance and installation advantages of flexible pipe with a core of steel – the industry standard for durability.

FlexSteel is a totally unique pipe technology that delivers reliable performance, even in cyclical or wet environments that can cause other flexible pipe to fail. With a bending radius among the lowest of any spoolable pipe, FlexSteel couples extreme durability with superior installation flexibility.

FlexSteel is terminated by a time-proven, swaged system of end fittings that are designed, manufactured and tested to API 17K standards. Available in stainless or carbon steel, our end and midline fittings make for fast, reliable connections that are not sensitive to cleanliness or ambient temperature.