FlexSteel Connections

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FlexSteel pipe connections are made using a time-proven, swaged system of end fittings that are designed, manufactured and tested to API 15S standards. Available in stainless or carbon steel, our midline and end fittings make for fast and reliable connections.  Unlike installation methods for alternative solutions, FlexSteel’s proprietary swaging process completely eliminates the need for project site welding – dramatically reducing the amount of equipment and number of crew members required. Because connections are only required between each reel of pipe, the number of potential leak paths is dramatically reduced and the installation process is significantly faster with FlexSteel pipe. For example, one mile of 6 inch 1,500 psi FlexSteel pipe only has five connections; a mile of welded steel pipe has 132 joints creating more leak risk during the life of the pipeline.

In addition to industry standard components, we regularly work with customers to design and manufacture custom solutions that allow customers complete flexibility in utilizing FlexSteel on their project.  We are committed to helping you think outside of the box in finding or creating a pre-fabricated fitting that is the best possible solution for your project.   Installations can be performed by a FlexSteel technician or a FlexSteel-Certified contractor.

FlexSteel connections are manufactured at our 24,000 square foot Connections Facility in Houston, TX.

Swaging Process - How it Works

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FlexSteel’s swaging units use specialized hydraulic compression technology to form the steel walls of an end fitting or midline connection permanently onto the pipe wall. Referred to as swaging, the process provides a uniform tight compression seal between two lengths of pipe and/or connections with other components.  The swaging equipment includes the press, a hydraulic power unit (HPU), a control system, and tooling. Swaging operations are well suited for use in the factory or in field environments. Swaging is simple and quick, and is not sensitive to ambient temperature or cleanliness. Click here to see a demonstration of the swaging process. 

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Our highly skilled design engineers can create a fitting to meet any need. From 90s, crosses, reducers, or tees we have you covered.
The most common of all of our connections, this fitting is used to connect two lengths of FlexSteel pipe together without having an intermediate flanged or welded joint.
The flanged fitting is most often used to connect with other standard pipeline components, such as valves and other upstream/downstream connections.
A weldneck fitting can be used to weld FlexSteel pipe to other standard components. Weldnecks are generally used when welded connections are preferred in lieu of bolted connections.