Success Stories

FlexSteel Stays Ahead of the Curve

FlexSteel's revolutionary spooled pipe is the ideal choice for installations in environmentally sensitive areas, rough terrain, shallow or marshy water, or anywhere else in the world. Because it has superior corrosion resistance and enhanced flow characteristics, FlexSteel delivers operations and maintenance savings for superior value across the project life cycle. FlexSteel pipe not only performs well, it can save you time and money. Don't believe us? Read about some of our successes across the globe.

Focused on minimizing the footprint of their construction, a customer chooses FlexSteel because it’s fast and easy to install, it dramatically minimizes land disruption during installation, and it requires minimal long-term maintenance.
Faced with increased regulatory requirements and the rising cost of hauling water, a client turned to FlexSteel for a cost-effective solution to transport water to multiple drill sites in the region 
FlexSteel’s unmatched structural integrity and fast installation made it the perfect solution to help Pemex restore a vital piece of Mexico’s oil & gas supply chain
Ideal for installation in extremely difficult terrain, FlexSteel proves to be the perfect pipeline solution for a well site in the heart of a Bolivian rainforest    
The quick installation of FlexSteel’s innovative pipeline technology enabled the customer to meet critical project deadlines, while delivering enhanced functionality with minimal environmental impact
FlexSteel continues to perform to original design specifications for longer life and no de-rating over time 
FlexSteel’s anti-corrosive properties along with high pressure ratings and horizontal drilling applications made it the obvious choice for this Burgos Basin project
When a branch of a major oil company in Russia tired of the maintenance and unreliability of failing steel line pipe, they turned to FlexSteel for a fresh new approach
FlexSteel's installation was executed 10X faster than traditional steel line pipe and with far less manpower
FlexSteel's pipeline solution has helped the customer increase their production levels in the Caspian region by more than 50% in less than two years
FlexSteel helped a customer complete pipe installation in extreme weather conditions before even harsher oncoming weather arrived
FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies provides the ultimate solution to replace large quantities of corroded steel line pipe in a shallow water area less than 100 meters deep
FlexSteel is faster and more economical to install than steel pipeline and the only flexible pipe with the durability to deliver reliable performance when installed directly in rough terrain
Able to restore original operating pressure with minimal environmental impact and at a fraction of new construction cost, FlexSteel is the single-best solution for the rehabilitation of aging steel pipelines – because liners just won’t cut it