Success Story

FlexSteel Installs 40 Water Injection Lines in Mexico’s Burgos Basin Replacing Failing Steel Line Pipe

FlexSteel’s anti-corrosive properties along with high pressure ratings and horizontal drilling applications made it the obvious choice for this Burgos Basin project

The Challenge

A national oil company in Mexico urgently needed to install line pipe capable of handling high pressures of rapidly flowing, high-salinity water being generated from their well. They needed to do so quickly, as existing conventional steel pipelines were failing. Due to the intense fluctuating pressures, the customer needed to ensure that their replacement pipe could withstand high pressures while being corrosion resistant and not subject to failure.

The Solution

FlexSteel’s 4” diameter, 2,250 psi pipe was just the solution the national oil company was looking for.  They could trust that FlexSteel’s product would not only meet the high-pressure requirement, but could also be quickly installed to replace the existing steel pipelines. FlexSteel’s product is anti-corrosive in nature and able to perform consistently in extremely corrosive environments. The high-salinity fluids derived from the well could easily flow through FlexSteel’s flexible line pipe without sacrificing durability. FlexSteel‘s pipe also delivered installation benefits for the many roads and river crossings distinctive to the region. The pipe was able to be installed directly in trenches without the need for tracing wires, and its directional drilling installation option was one of the deciding factors in choosing FlexSteel. 

The Results

By choosing FlexSteel, the Mexican national oil company was able to quickly replace corroding steel line pipe; bringing 40 water injection lines back online. They were able obtain large quantities of pipe quickly, and install 70+ km of pipe in just a few months with a minimal 4-man crew plus equipment operators.  Because FlexSteel’s pipe has a maximum pressure rating of 2,250 psi and does not need to be de-rated over time, the product has created peace of mind for a project where safety and advanced pipe performance were previously absent. FlexSteel’s directional drilling installation method was minimally disruptive to the surrounding area, and the fact that no tracer wires were required provided additional cost savings. Overall, FlexSteel’s line pipe solution was the obvious choice for the project considering its extreme durability and quick, simple and cost-effective installation.