Success Story

FlexSteel Installs First 1,000 Meters of Pipe in Russia for Major Oil Company

When a branch of a major oil company in Russia tired of the maintenance and unreliability of failing steel line pipe, they turned to FlexSteel for a fresh new approach

The Challenge

A field office of a major oil company in Russia was experiencing difficulties with their high-pressure, water flow line applications. Due to the intense, sulphate-reducing bacteria in the service fluid, the lines were failing as a consequence of corrosion. The failing pipeline sections were consistently being repaired and the maintenance and expense was becoming costly and difficult to sustain. 

The Solution

In order to take a proactive approach and prevent future failures of the existing lines, the company identified FlexSteel as an optimum solution for replacing the corroded steel line pipe altogether. FlexSteel’s technology would offer the best of both worlds; the durability of steel with the cost and installation benefits of flexible, spoolable pipe. Because FlexSteel pipe is corrosion resistant and offers proven performance, the installed pipe alleviated the cost for repair and maintenance and continues to perform to original design specifications while providing greater safety and reliability overall. 

The Results

The field office laid the first 1,000 meters of FlexSteel’s 3” 750 psi pipeline in just a few hours, compared to the three or more days that would have been required to install the same amount of conventional steel line pipe. Because FlexSteel’s superior tension capabilities enable longer pull lengths between connections, only 4 connections were needed versus the 90 welded joints that would be needed to install steel pipeline. In total, the fittings and tie-in to existing communication lines only took an additional 4 hours in order to complete. FlexSteel’s pipe required fewer personnel and less pieces of equipment to install, resulting in a quick and hassle-free installation. It also delivered the extreme durability needed to withstand the pressures and high-sulphate fluids and ultimately has imparted peace of mind that the lines will not fail. The cost-savings of installation and the fact that little to no maintenance is required has affirmed that trying FlexSteel was worth every minute and penny saved. The major oil company was extremely pleased with this pilot project and has plans to partner with FlexSteel on additional projects in the future.