Success Story

FlexSteel Installs Over 16,000 Feet of its Market-Leading 8” Pipe in Just 3 Weeks

The quick installation of FlexSteel’s innovative pipeline technology enabled the customer to meet critical project deadlines, while delivering enhanced functionality with minimal environmental impact

The Challenge

A large oil & gas company operating in the Marcellus Shale Play was in search of a pipeline technology that could help them overcome several critical challenges on an upcoming project.   They needed to quickly install water transportation pipelines in order to sustain fracing wells; and with rapidly approaching project deadlines, quick installation and flawless execution were crucial. Posing further challenges, the project was located in an environmentally sensitive wildlife preserve in the mountainous terrain of Northeastern Pennsylvania, and the installation was scheduled to take place during the winter. The pipelines had to be durable enough to withstand both cyclic operations and the corrosive water they would transport, while minimizing environmental disturbances. And, the client wanted the flexibility to utilize the same lines for gas applications in the future, without sacrificing performance.  

The Solution

While considering alternatives such as High Density Polyethylene (HPDE) pipe as well as trucking, FlexSteel’s innovative 8” product, featuring the largest available ID for on-shore spoolable reinforced thermoplastic pipe applications, quickly emerged as the only solution capable of meeting all of the project’s unique requirements. The pipe’s corrosion resistant, polyethylene outer shield and inner lining provided the perfect solution for handling the highly-corrosive water to be transported through the pipelines.  FlexSteel’s steel reinforced core was strong enough to withstand the undulating pressures associated with transporting water through mountainous terrain.  With an 8” nominal diameter and 1500 psi rating, the pipe provided more than enough capacity to transport the large amounts water needed to sustain the client’s fracs, and its unique steel reinforcement layer technology provided the reliability necessary to withstand pulsating and cyclic pressures.   Because of the environmentally sensitive area, trucking was deemed to have too great of an impact on the wildlife, further establishing FlexSteel as the best solution.

The Results

FlexSteel successfully installed 16,886 feet of 8-inch, 1500 psi pipe in just 3 weeks, which proved to be a key driver in meeting critical project deadlines. Because FlexSteel can be installed in long, continuous lengths – only 34 connections were required for the entire project resulting in significant time and cost savings for the customer compared to the more than 400 connections that would have been required install the same quantity of conventional steel.  FlexSteel’s pipe can be used for multiple purposes over time. Since they wanted the potential to transport gas in addition to highly corrosive water for fracing, they will be easily able to do so with FlexSteel’s anti-corrosive technology which will not need to be de-rated over time. Utilizing trenching equipment, the entire project was successfully installed throughout steep hilly terrain. And, because FlexSteel’s pipe creates less ground disturbance than alternative solutions, there was minimal impact to the land, generating significant savings through reduced right of ways.  The customer was very pleased with the results performance of FlexSteel’s 8” pipe solution. This project led to FlexSteel being awarded Plastics Pipe Institute’s prestigious Project of the Year Award for the Energy Piping Systems Division.