Success Story

FlexSteel Replaces Fiber Reinforced Bakken Pipeline that had been De-Rated due to High Pressure Fluctuations

FlexSteel continues to perform to original design specifications for longer life and no de-rating over time 

The Challenge

Oasis Petroleum in the Bakken was seeking a pipeline solution for the disposal of salty brine water (in range of 319,900 mg/l or 264,707 ppm) that could withstand high injection pressures up to 2250 psi, in a cyclic environment. With their existing pipeline, Oasis needed to shut the pressure on and off periodically to minimize the drastic fluctuation of pressure in the line.  The flow and pressure changes inevitably weakened the microfibers in the existing (non-flexsteel), fiber reinforced pipe they were using; causing the pipe to be de-rated. With the nature of this project, a perpetual de-rating of the pipe year over a year would be difficult to sustain as well as costly over the longer term. Oasis set out to find a new pipeline solution that was corrosion resistant, able to withstand large ambient temperature variations and offered proven performance.

The Solution

While considering alternative flexible, spoolable pipe – Oasis Petroleum chose FlexSteel because of its many product attributes and features that differentiate it from the competition. FlexSteel is the only steel-reinforced, spoolable pipe which provides extreme durability. Its highly corrosion-resistant technology was developed from more than 30 years of experience in demanding offshore environments. This experience is a true testament that FlexSteel’s pipe could handle the salty water while alleviating the concern of corrosion.  Lastly, because FlexSteel’s, 6” pipe has an operating pressure rating of 2250 psi and continues performing to original design specifications well beyond a 12-month period, there is no need to de-rate the pipe over time. 

The Results

Oasis was able to install 8,000 feet of FlexSteel pipe in just 4 days. FlexSteel’s product continues to perform to original design specifications for the life of the pipe, therefore eliminating the need to de-rate the pipe over time. FlexSteel offers proven performance through its unique, anti-corrosive technology which provides peace of mind to the customer. Because FlexSteel is quick and easy to install, the customer minimized their installation costs overall.