Pipe Handling



The DECKHAND®, manufactured by LaValley Industries, is a specialized hydraulically-driven excavator bucket replacement attachment designed to provide safe handling of FlexSteel™ 6-inch and 8-inch pipe and fittings as well as the MSM-3000 Midline Swage Machine.

The initial installation of the DECKHAND® equipment on an excavator is a specialized procedure that must be performed by a qualified technician. Installation times will vary by class and model of excavator. Contact FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies, Inc. for further information.

  • Hydraulically-powered head unit that fits any brand of 20 to 36 metric ton excavator
  • Interchangeable, hydraulically-powered handling arms with tips customized for FlexSteel 6-inch and 8-inch pipe
  • Hydraulic lock-outs that assure loads are not dropped if hydraulic power is lost
  • Exceptional maneuverability: the head unit articulates up and down by the excavator boom and is capable of 360 degree rotation, main beam tilt up to 19 degrees, and arms that traverse 5.5 inches along the main beam.