Training and Certification


Develop the skills needed to install the next generation of FlexSteel pipe and fittings.

The FlexSteel Installation Certification Training Program is designed for Pipeline Installation Contractors looking to service the growing demand for FlexSteel pipeline installation projects. This program sets apart Installation Contractors from other installers that focus solely on traditional steel pipe. FlexSteel’s Installation Certification Training Program offers both an interactive, hands-on course and supervised field training by experienced FlexSteel Installation Technicians to train the Installation Contractor to safely and efficiently install FlexSteel pipe and connections. Through the combination of an expert-led classroom course followed by professional field training, we provide trainees a complete learning experience that our own technicians receive. This training encompasses an A-Z approach for what the Installer will need to know to meet the expectations of customers that demand FlexSteel installation projects, encompassing such areas as:

  • Product knowledge
  • One-on-one mentoring of proprietary deployment and installation processes
  • Awareness of operating considerations, and
  • Pipeline repairs and maintenance

Training Program Overview

To reinforce our commitment to providing reliable, high value pipeline solutions, FlexSteel requires all installation Technicians of its products to be trained and certified through the FlexSteel Installation Certification Program. The program includes two training modules: Module 1 is the classroom training and Module 2 is Supervised Field Training. An overview of the modules follows:

Classroom Couse (Module 1): The 5-day classroom training focused on providing general knowledge of the product, installation, and procedures with hands-on experience in installing connections. Participants are required to successfully perform three unassisted connection installations in a safe and controlled environment as well as pass daily quizzes and a post course exam.

Supervised Field Training (Module 2): After completion of the classroom course (Module 1), trainees advance to field training with one-on-one mentoring by a qualified FlexSteel professional field trainer on an actual installation project scheduled by the contractor. To become certified as a FlexSteel Installation Technician, each trainee is required to complete a minimum number of days of field work under the supervision of a qualified FlexSteel representative.Typically supervised field training is conducted over a 10-60-day period, depending upon the scope of training, and other factors.

Staying Connected

Subsequent to the training, each certified technician will receive product and process updates to keep current on FlexSteel technology. They will also receive safety briefs, field notes, procedures, and other communications to keep them apprised of latest methods and relevant installation information as it is released. Additionally, the certified technicians will be included in the FlexSteel Learning Management System that provides a platform for continuing education and validate that critical information is properly understood and maintained.

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