Our Culture

The culture of FlexSteel can be described as energetic and passionate and is felt daily throughout our company. Our employees thrive on excitement and contribute to a positive atmosphere by believing in our product and taking their role as FlexSteel brand ambassador seriously. FlexSteel embodies teamwork, and our day-to-day working environment is contagious. Our focus on hiring top talent and caring for our employees has enriched our FlexSteel culture and continues to evolve with each new face.

At FlexSteel, we believe our product is the best of both worlds – steel reinforced, flexible pipe offering the durability of steel line pipe with the cost and installation benefits of a spoolable pipe. FlexSteel hires highly skilled individuals from around the world to work together in reaching a common, purpose and mission: To Responsibly Deliver the Next Generation of Line Pipe. Just like our product, our culture is innovative and durable by design

Our beliefs, work ethic and social conduct are seamlessly aligned with our FlexSteel Values:

  • Safety above all else
  • Caring for our customers
  • Dedication to excellence in all we do
  • Integrity in all interactions
  • Sustaining success through innovation and tenacity
  • Respect for ourselves, others and our environment