FlexSteel Pipe

FlexSteel is a revolutionary spooled pipe technology developed from more than 30 years of experience in demanding offshore environments. It uniquely combines the corrosion resistance and installation advantages of flexible pipe with a core of steel – the industry standard for durability.

Structural Integrity

With unmatched structural integrity, FlexSteel continues to perform to original design specifications and does not need to be de-rated over time. Durable by design, it is the only flexible pipe that can be laid directly in rough terrain without affecting reliability. It is the clear choice when failure is not an option.



  • Enhanced safety; No bruising or degradation
  • Stands up to cyclic loading environments
  • Will not weaken when wet


  • Fast, easy and inexpensive to install with minimal disruption to land, saving on average 50% versus steel pipe installations
  • Can be laid directly in rough terrain, without needing any special handling or bedding materials
  • Superior tension capabilities enable longer pulls, even in difficult terrain
  • Steel core provides electrical continuity, which eliminates the need for tracer wires to lower costs

    Operations and Maintenance

  • Corrosion resistance – Greater safety, drastically lower costs for maintenance, and reduces anti-corrosion measures to nearly zero.
  • Continues performing to original specifications - longer life and no derating over time
  • Improved Flow rates compared to steel pipe