Installation Services


FlexSteel’s field services group supplies the personnel and the equipment to support smooth, safe and successful pipeline installation. Our accomplished technicians help with the ease of installation to assist in the prevention of pipe damage. With specialized expertise in FlexSteel installations, our field services professionals work with contractors providing technical oversight to ensure the easiest, most cost-effective installation in all applications. Available on a daily rate, our technicians are experienced installing FlexSteel pipe and fittings in various environments; from onshore to offshore and in versatile terrain from mountainous regions to shallow water to flat plains. Applying in-depth experience and problem-solving skills to overcome project-specific challenges, our field service technicians can resolve issues encountered during installation. Our team is dedicated to maintaining FlexSteel’s impeccable track record of reliability and can lend expertise to any project, providing a hassle-free installation.

Pipe & Fittings Installation

Our field services technicians are certified to install FlexSteel pipe and end-fittings, as well as provide the required field training and certification to customers and third-party contractors.

  • Technical oversight of all types of installations in any environment
  • Installation of FlexSteel pipe and end-fittings
  • Field training and certification of third-party contractors to install FlexSteel pipe and end-fittings