Success Story


Steel-Reinforced Line Pipe Introduces New Pipeline Technology to Major Oil Company

The Challenge

When a high-pressure produced water flowline in Russia began experiencing complications, an oil and gas producer faced recurring, costly maintenance expenses. Because of the high content of sulfate-reducing bacteria, the water transfer line suffered corrosion that led to multiple failures. To improve the integrity of the system, the operator needed a new pipeline technology solution that would withstand the corrosive fluids and eliminate costly recurring maintenance that was difficult to sustain.

The Solution

In order to replace the existing line, the producer selected FlexSteel 3-inch, 750 psi line pipe. This pipeline technology could successfully convey the produced water and offered the best of both worlds: the durability of steel with the cost and installation benefits of flexible line pipe. Because FlexSteel pipe is corrosion resistant, it eliminated the need for frequent repairs and maintenance.

The Result

FlexSteel successfully deployed the first 1,000 m (3280 ft) of pipe in Russia in just a few hours, saving a significant amount of time and enabling quick restoration of the pipeline. FlexSteel pipeline provided a reliable solution that allowed the producer to significantly reduce maintenance costs. The success of the project confirmed the operator’s choice of FlexSteel. The operator has plans to partner with FlexSteel on additional projects in the future.