Product Applications Overview

FlexSteel's unique characteristics make it the best and most versatile choice for a variety of environments and applications where traditional steel and other flexible pipe are costly to install or are prone to failure.

  • Rough terrain: FlexSteel innovative and durable design make it the ideal choice for direct installation in difficult terrain.
  • Marshes, shallow water FlexSteel's unique design protects against corrosion allowing the pipe to remain durable and strong even when wet. Its negative buoyancy simplifies shallow water installations.
  • Cyclic service: With superior structural integrity, FlexSteel can be used in cyclic loading environments that can cause other pipes to be de-rated over time.
  • Pipe rehabilitation: FlexSteel’s high-pressure capabilities eliminate the need for structural integrity of the failed pipe in rehabilitation projects. Its superior tension capabilities enable longer pulls. FlexSteel continues to perform to original design specifications with no need for de-rating over time.