Success Story


Steel-Reinforced Pipe Cuts Pipeline Installation Time in Amazon Rainforest by 65%

The Challenge

A major operator working in the Urucu oil and gas field near Solimões Basin, Brazil, needed to construct a 65-mi (105- km) produced gas pipeline within the environmentally sensitive Amazon rainforest. Because of the pipeline’s location, it was imperative to limit deforestation during installation by minimizing construction spread along the right-of-way. The operator needed to ensure that the new pipe could endure the corrosive effects of produced gas to ensure flow reliability and could be directly installed in rugged terrain with minimal construction complexity.

The Solution

For the operator’s application, FlexSteel recommended its 6-inch 2,250-psi (155 bar) line pipe. The pipe is designed to resist the corrosive effects of produced gas substantially better than steel pipe and could be efficiently installed by smaller crews with less equipment. In addition, FlexSteel developed a plan to train the operator’s employees on the best practices for handling the pipe and connections using FlexSteel’s proprietary processes.

The Result

Three crews completed the installation of the 65-mi produced gas line in just four months. The exterior and interior layers of FlexSteel line pipe provided the operator with a pipeline that ensured the reliable flow of the produced gas. Using smaller crews, reducing equipment, and completing the installation quickly enabled the operator to realize substantial savings. By minimizing the construction spread along the right-of-way, deforestation was limited during installation. And because the pipe required no long-term maintenance, the operator could allow the jungle vegetation to grow over the right-of-way. The FlexSteel pipeline reduced installation time by 65% compared to construction of a steel pipeline. The success of this job prompted the operator to place orders of FlexSteel pipe for additional projects in the region.