Success Story


Penn Virginia Constructs 6.4-Mile Pipeline in Three Weeks, Cutting Installation Time by 50%

The Challenge

For the installation of a new 6.41-mi (10.31-km) gas production pipeline in the Appalachian Mountains, Penn Virginia was in search of a cost-effective line pipe solution. The pipeline installation would require the operator to overcome several challenges: elevation changes of 500 to 1,000 feet, limited right-of-way access, and mid-winter conditions. In addition to these challenges, the company wanted a pipe that could endure the area’s rugged installation conditions and reduce the costs associated with conventional pipeline maintenance programs.

The Solution

After evaluating several pipe options, the company selected FlexSteel 6-inch, 750-psi line pipe. The spoolable steel-reinforced pipe’s proven design would make transportation to the jobsite and the subsequent pipeline construction more efficient than conventional steel pipelines. The pipe’s rugged construction would also enable installation directly in the trench without special handling or bedding materials, despite the mountainous terrain. In addition, FlexSteel ’s proprietary swaging process would eliminate the need for project site welding and increase safety while reducing crew and equipment requirements.

The Result

By selecting FlexSteel pipe, Penn Virginia cut the installation time of its gas production pipeline by 50%. The pipe’s spoolable design enabled the operator to accelerate its time to production and successfully complete the mid-winter pipeline installation in three weeks.