Success Story


Steel-Reinforced Pipe Replaces Corroded Steel Pipeline to Resume Operation in Less Than Two Days

The Challenge

An exploration and production client operating in a marshy, shallow offshore environment faced substantial revenue losses in its efforts to maintain two corroding steel seawater disposal pipelines. Despite corrosion-resistant internal and external coatings, and frequent application of costly corrosion inhibitors, the pipelines were near failure after only four years in operation. With both lines deemed unfit for use, the client needed a quick and efficient replacement with minimal disruption to overall production.

The Solution

The operator chose FlexSteel 3-inch 2,250-psi line pipe as a long-term solution because of its durability and quick and easy installation attributes. The corrosion-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) inner and outer layers would also reduce the annual cost of corrosion-inhibiting additives. The pipe’s helically wound steel core would not weaken in the presence of water, removing concerns about diminished performance over time. In two days, three installers—a barge driver, a barge hand, and a FlexSteel technician—replaced both corroded lines with more than 2.01 mi (3.23 km) of pipe.

The Result

By using FlexSteel, the operator restored production faster than would have been possible with other pipeline solutions. As a comparison, replacement installation took one-tenth the typical 20 days required to install two convention steel pipelines, and was completed with fewer personnel.